The European Network of Maritime Clusters (ENMC) is a non-profit organization based in Luxembourg. Since its foundation, the ENMC’s main principle has been establishing an efficient framework for maritime sectorial cooperation, focused on vocalizing the unambiguous maritime interest to European policymakers towards a European maritime level playing field: a single European Maritime Cluster.


The main activities of the ENMC are to share information and best practices among its members, but also to promote and defend the interests of its members principally active in the maritime sector. The ENMC organizes and participates in different meetings, events, fairs, around Europe. It informs European decision makers about the strengths and opportunities of the maritime Clusters through their networks and collaborations.


The ENMC counts 12 national Cluster members. They represent Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and Ukraine. The association is self-sufficient and counts on its members’ membership fees, which are national or regional maritime clusters (or similar entities) that can represent a country’s maritime interests.